Linux DevOps Engineer bij Géant Vereniging

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Linux DevOps Engineer bij Géant Vereniging

Team: Software Development
Reporting to: Head of Software Development
Type/Hours: Permanent/Full time
Location: Amsterdam or Cambridge

Why work for GÉANT?
We offer a blazingly-fast, cutting-edge network that connects scientists, researchers and academics across Europe and the world
Thanks to our terabit network, 50 million researchers, scientists, academics and students can share record volumes of data unconstrained by location, solving some of humankind’s biggest challenges.
Work at GÉANT and you’ll be supporting critical research into sustainable energy, deep space, high-energy physics, earth observation, environmental disasters, medicine and more!

Position Purpose
The Linux DevOps Engineer plays a pivotal role in the organization. You will be interacting with the software, IT, Security and Network Engineers. You will be responsible for deploying and configuring in-house/third-party developed software applications, supporting agile software development practices including continuous deployment and providing operational support to live applications.


  •  Work with developers to support a seamless process between development and daily operations to embed an effective DevOps capability
  • Automate efficient working practices where possible
  • Formulate strategies for DevOps and continuous release processes
  • Share expertise on DevOps tools and developing an agile culture
  • Support the setup of team environments
  • Co-ordinate Linux VM tasks with IT Linux Engineer
  • Provide solutions by complying with the security standards of the organisation.
  • Setting-up and configuring new systems, installing and maintaining the application software and coordinating the networking connectivity.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of Linux systems.

In addition, you will carry out such other duties as may reasonably be required.
You may occasionally be required to travel in this role.

What qualifications, experience and knowledge are required?


  • In-depth knowledge of Linux (Centos and Debian/Ubuntu is a plus)
  • In-depth knowledge of common Linux deployed services, such as email, web (apache, nginx), authentication
  • CentOS (or RHEL) OS, deployment and management experience, including experience with either RedHat Satellite or equivalent.
  • Scripting – Bash and Python (or other scripting language). Knowledge of other languages like Ruby or Go is a plus.
  • Server monitoring systems, especially NagiosXI (but others OK as well)
  • Database administration – one or more of MySQL (MariaDB), PostgreSQL, Galera
  • VM deployment, esp. to VMware (terraform/packer knowledge a plus)
  • Load balancing (HAProxy)
  • Bamboo and Jenkins Continuous Integration experience
  • Puppet configuration management (knowledge of Chef and Ansible is a plus)
  • Linux network troubleshooting and management
  • Version control systems, especially Git
  • Project work related to in-house technologies
  • Experienced Linux BAU support – 1st, 2nd and 3rd line


  • Knowledge of SAML (Shibboleth/SimpleSAMLPHP) configuration
  • Containerized application management – Docker, Kubernetes, Hashicorp suite
  • Knowledge of AWS
  • ITIL Framework

What personal skills and attributes are needed for success in this role?

  • Ability to deal with ambiguity and change in an effective manner
  • Enjoys overcoming challenges and finding solutions
  • A mindset of continuous learning and growth
  • Passionate, open and collaborative approach toward work

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U kunt op deze en andere banen solliciteren met behulp van uw online CV. Klik op de onderstaande link om uw CV in te dienen en mail uw sollicitatie naar deze werkgever.

​GÉANT interconnects research​​​, education an​​​​d innovati​on communities worldwide, with​ secure, high-capacity networks.

​​We plan, procure and build the large-scale, high-spe​​​​​ed networks that are essent​​ial for sharing, accessing an​​​d processing the high data volumes generated by research an​​​​​​​d education communities, and for testing innovative technologies and applications.​​​​

GÉANT also provides network and collaboration services that facilitate international cooperation between researchers and educators, and brings people together for the human networking that drives innovation. ​​

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